Welcome to a tour of our Recycling Plant.

The facility was constructed over a 2 year period and cost approximately $4 million dollars. Located in a 24,000 square foot warehouse, the facility is located in Newark, NJ in an extremely industrial area, minutes from New York City and near all major roadways, as well as Port Elizabeth/Newark. The specifics of the facility are as follows:

* Minutes from a major sea port ( Port of Newark/Elizabeth );
* On site rail road access available (CSX & NS);
* 24 hour security;
* 480VAC, 4wire, 1200AMPS, three phase power
* Two “feed” conveyors from tipping floor;
* Two sorting conveyors;
* Twelve bunker conveyors;
* Two Lubo Sytems, Type 330, Screens
* Ethernet based computer controls (23 Ethernet based computer controls, touch screen, remote
control for certain features);
* Concrete mezzanine, resting on 39 footings;
* Bollegraf Baler (HPBC-140);
* 20,000 tons per month processing capability;
* 10 bay loading dock (can be doubled if office trailer is moved), and;

Check out the slide show of our plant:

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